Political Action for Candidate Election



The Government Relations' objective is to broaden the Association's social justice efforts by influencing policy at the state level through strategic partnerships with state agencies, policy makers, and like-minded organizations. Additionally, Government Relations is responsible for encouraging members to support candidates for elected office who are committed to advancing the profession as well as the mission of social work.

Established in 1980, Missouri PACE is the separate and independent political arm of the National Association of Social Workers. PACE fosters the participation of interested members to elect candidates who support NASW's public policy goals. PACE is a bipartisan political committee dedicated to advancing social worker's goals in campaigns and elections.

Who Is PACE?
Through PACE, social workers like you supporting progressive candidates and volunteering to work in campaigns of PACE-endorsed candidates.

What Are PACE's Primary Objectives & Goals?
PACE recognizes the importance of social workers' role in the formulation of sound public policy and seeks to build constructive working relationships with elected officials by doing the following:

  • Advancing social workers as candidates for public office
  • Promote political awareness and lawful political action among the members of the social work profession
  • Organizing social workers to help elect candidates to public office who support legislation, appropriations, and public policies consistent with the aims of NASW-Missouri Chapter
  • Providing political education about candidates and issues to members of NASW-Missouri
  • Promote the adoption and retention of public policy that is in the interests of the social work profession and the people of Missouri whom the profession exists to serve

How Do We Accomplish These Goals?
Political Action is the key.
The involvement of thousands of social workers working together can dramatically increase our influence and power in the political process. With your commitment and support, we can strengthen the voice of social work in the halls of Congress and on the floor of the State Legislature. You can be part of the PACE team by:

  • volunteering to work for PACE-endorsed candidates
  • serving on the state PACE committee
  • helping candidates for public office build ties to the social work community by sponsoring candidate forums

Contribute to NASW-MO PACE

NASW-MO PACE contributions are used to support state candidates who support NASW and NASW-Missouri Chapter's policy agenda through fundraisers and campaign contributions.

As a Political Action Committee (PAC) of NASW, PACE can only accept contributions from NASW-Missouri Chapter members.