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Early Detection of Suicide Risk in Older Populations (Recorded Event)

NASWMO Chapter 0 0

Presented by Gary U. Behrman, PhD, MSW, M.Div.

* This course meets Suicide Prevention requirement for licensure renewal. *

For over a decade, the suicide rates in the U.S. are rising.  Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the general population, with suicides outnumbering homicides by more than two to one. Among all populations, white males over the age of 55 are at highest risk for suicidal ideation and completion. It is critical that social workers are educated in how to assess, treat, and refer to appropriate levels of care to lower the risks for suicide especially among againg populations. 

Motivational Interviewing (Virtual Event)

NASWMO Chapter 0 4

Presented by Gary U. Behrman, PhD, MSW, M.Div., LCSW 

Effective therapeutic approaches with clients involves identifying what motivates a client to change.  This entails surfacing what is most meaningful for the client and providing effective tools and resources.  It is critical that the client claims ownership of the treatment plan.  In this workshop, we will explore and discuss holistic approaches for clients to achieve their goals by examining the importance of instilling confidence and utilizing core principles of motivational interviewing.

Supervision Skills Training Institute

16.0 Hour Social Work Supervision Certification

NASWMO Chapter 0 0

Presented by NASW-Missouri Chapter

16.0 Clock Hours


Educational Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Explore styles and techniques of supervision and assess your learning style and personality type
  • Know your ethical and legal boundary issues when providing supervision for licensure or if supervising employees
  • Tips and techniques to document the supervision process
  • Learn how to stay personally excited about being a supervisor and avoid burnout
  • Learn to evaluate the effectiveness of your supervision
  • Review rules for licensure supervision in Missouri
  • Explore the responsibilities of work-related supervision versus licensure supervision


Prerequisite: Attendees must download and read state statutes/rules prior to attendance. To obtain this information please use this link: http://s1.sos.mo.gov/cmsimages/adrules/csr/current/20csr/20c2263-2.pdf .


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