Student Volunteer Opportunities


1.  Be a Member of the Board of Directors:  Students can hold any position in the NASW-MO Board of Directors.
     Plus, the MSW representative and the BSW representative are reserved spots for students on the Board.

2.  Be a Member of a Committee:  Students are also welcome to be members of the committees here at NASW-
     MO. Contact the Missouri Chapter office for more information at 573.635.6965.

3.  Volunteer at a Continuing Education Event:  We encourage students to be ambassadors for all students at
     any continuing education event. A special discount rate will be given to student volunteers. If you are
     interested in becoming a student volunteer please contact the chapter office at 573.635.6965. We especially 
     need student volunteers for our conference in March.

4.   Testify to the Legislature:  Testifying to the legislature is a great way for students to get involved. Testifying
      should be a practice students continue when they go into practice to influence the changes that affect the 
      social work profession. If you have an issue you are interested in testifying about, check out our bill tracker 
      and see if we are currently tracking a related bill. If so, we would be honored to have you testify on the 
      behalf of NASW as long as your views coincide with our national views. You can see the national opinions on 
      the bill tracker. If you find a good match please contact the chapter office at 573.635.6965 to find out more
      information about testifying.