The social work profession's ANSWER Coalition (Action Network for Social Work Education and Research) is coordinating efforts to recruit, retain and retrain social workers in order to enhance societal well-being. With the assistance of legislators, policymakers, employers and a host of other stakeholders, the initiative seeks to secure federal and state investments in professional social work. 

Reinvestment Goals
Goal: Secure federal and state investments in professional social work to enhance societal well-being.

Each state or territory represented by an NASW Chapter has developed a Social Work Reinvestment Plan—in partnership with local schools of social work, social service providers, various social work employers and other partners—that reflects local issues affecting the profession and the people social workers serve. NASW Missouri Chapter has set forth four (4) goals for our initiative. To review the Missouri plan and learn more of the Social Work Reinvestment Initiate in other states or at the national level, visit