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Revised 01/20


Dear Provider of Professional Development: 


The National Association of Social Workers – Missouri Chapter (NASW-Missouri) has developed a procedure to approve programs for educational clock hours. Such approval will be valuable in attracting social workers desiring state licensing renewal to your professional development programs and is mandatory in the Missouri Licensure Statute. Attached is our application form. Please complete each section of the application as indicated and be sure to attach all documentation necessary for the reviewers. Any missing documentation will result in the delay of processing. When the review process is completed, NASW-Missouri will contact you in writing. If your event is approved, we will provide you with an official Certificate of Approval containing the approval number for your event. We look forward to helping you provide a professional development program that best meets the needs of discerning social workers.   If you have any questions, please call the Chapter office at 573-635-6965.


Program Eligibility

NASW-Missouri will approve programs that offer continuing education of relevance to social workers and are taught by qualified personnel. Application for continuing education approval must be made by the sponsoring organization, not by individual participants. A social worker must serve as a consultant or member of the planning committee. Program facilities must be ADA-accessible and ethical standards must be maintained.

The following program elements will be reviewed:

  • Content and/or subject matter to be covered
  • Program objectives/anticipated learning outcomes
  • Instructor qualifications/credentials

If your presenter does not appear to have the appropriate undergraduate or graduate education, credentials, training and/or experience in the content area of your professional development activity, the NASW-Missouri reviewing committee may return the application for further documentation. NASW-Missouri reserves the right to seek expert advice and relevant information from other external sources when reviewing a presenter’s qualifications, provided that such advice is kept confidential by the organization and that there is no possible conflict of interest. 


If the activity for which approval is requested is for agency employees, i.e., if it is staff development, the application must be for appropriate educational experience rather than focusing on agency procedures.


Supervisory sessions or activities, even if purchased outside the place of employment, will not be approved as continuing education credits.   Supervision is considered elsewhere in the Missouri licensure rules. Instruction on how to supervise is an appropriate professional development activity. However, it will not be approved as part of an internal staff development activity.


Applications will be denied if they conflict with the NASW Code of Ethics or appear to be solicitations.


Approval does not extend to licensure examination preparation courses. 


Level of Practice:

NASW-Missouri will assign a level of practice to your continuing education event based on the information and objectives you provide on this application. Any prerequisites should be clearly identified by the provider. Skill level categories include Bachelors, Masters Advanced and Clinical. This identifies the intended audience and ensures licensed social workers are obtaining the appropriate level of requirements for their licensure renewal. For an example of how this information is provided to social workers, please visit our continuing education calendar of events at .


Social Work Standards

Providers must agree to adhere to the NASW Standards for Continuing Professional Education and uphold the NASW Code of Ethics. These documents may be found on the NASW website.


NASW Standards for Continuing Professional Education:


NASW Code of Ethics:


Registration and Attendance

NASW-Missouri requires evidence that the provider has an established system of monitoring attendance, such as sign-in sheets.    Providers must include a sample of the monitoring system such as a sample sign-in sheet. NASW-Missouri will provide an example sign-in sheet upon request. Participants must show picture ID and sign in at beginning of each day of the event in accordance with instructions from Missouri Attorney General. The names, addresses and attendance forms of all participants are to be forwarded to NASW-Missouri within 60 days of the completion of the event. Failure to do so may result in a delay of approval or denial for future events. All attendance records should be kept for five years. NASW-Missouri reserves the right to randomly audit attendance records or evaluations of the sponsoring organization. Provider agrees to provide any records requested in writing for NASW-Missouri within 30 business days from the date of the request. NASW-Missouri reserves the right to audit the registration process and monitor adherence of all professional development application rules and regulations by randomly attending approved events. 

Continuing Education Clock Hours

Providers must indicate the number of instructional hours based upon the schedule and program format. They must identify the clock times along with the objectives and content for each time period. One clock hour is awarded for each 60 minutes of instruction. Time devoted to announcements, welcoming speeches, scheduled coffee breaks, lunch and other social events is not included in the number of hours considered. In the event there is an educational program connected with a meal function, time spent eating is not included, but there may be credit for the education portion of that time. The final number of clock hours awarded is determined by NASW-Missouri.


NASW-Missouri does not approve professional development programs/activities which:

            a. Exceed 40 clock hours;

            b. Extend over more than a ninety-day period.


Request for approval of programs fitting these two categories should be made to a school of social work or a department of social work in a CSWE accredited university or college.


Programs must provide a means for participants to evaluate the degree to which the stated educational objectives were met. An example of this evaluation tool must accompany all applications. Evaluation forms, or a summary of them, must be submitted to NASW-Missouri within 60 days of the completion of the event. Failure to do so may result in a delay of approval or denial for future events. In the upper left hand corner, Evaluation forms must have the approved certificate number from NASW-Missouri Chapter and the number of clock hours awarded to the program. 


The providers must indicate what type of attendance certificate the participants will receive upon completion of a program. If providers choose to distribute their own attendance certificate, a copy or example of that certificate must accompany the completed application. All certificates must contain the following:


This program has been approved by the National Association of Social Workers – Missouri Chapter for ___ social work clock hours per approval certificate #________. 


Upon successful completion of the objectives of the continuing education event, all attendees must be awarded a certificate. The names and addresses of those receiving certificates must be forwarded to NASW-Missouri within 60 days of the completion of the program. NASW-Missouri maintains a record of all clock hours awarded for five years.  Cumulative records for each individual will be available and will be issued as an official statement or transcript upon the request of the participant. 



If timing and space permit, NASW-Missouri will provide a free CE E-Blast Listing in our monthly internal membership e-mail notice of continuing education programs, a calendar entry of your program in the quarterly newspaper, as well as a calendar entry on the NASW-Missouri website  under the Other Approved Continuing Education Programs.


For additional opportunities, address labels for the NASW-Missouri membership may be rented for your own advertising purposes. You may either purchase labels for the full state or a portion of the state. For more information, visit the Label Agreement posted on our website at:



Providers must submit a description of their policies and procedures for responding to all complaints and grievances, e.g. refund requests, complaints about content or presenter, etc. All written complaints received by NASW-Missouri will be investigated. When appropriate, NASW-Missouri will notify the provider in writing of the complaint and request a response within 20 business days. The complainant’s name may be kept confidential.



If a requirement has not been met or completed, NASW-Missouri will contact the applicant as soon as possible to notify them of any issues hindering the approval of an application. The NASW-Missouri staff will make every effort to allow changes or adaptations to the application to comply with the criteria of approval. The Chapter Executive Director may review applications requiring additional information or examination. Denial is at the discretion of the NASW-Missouri Chapter Professional Development Coordinator and/or the Executive Director. Application fees remain non-refundable if application is denied.



NASW-Missouri is pleased to join with you in the approval process designed to support quality continuing education learning for social workers in Missouri. Observing the information below will aid you in obtaining speedy approval of your professional development activities.


All applications must be typed. Handwritten applications will not be accepted. Applications may be copied from our website at and pasted into a word processing program or an electronic copy of the application may be e-mailed to you upon request. All questions must be answered. If you are unable to answer a question, use N/A for Not Applicable. Incomplete applications will be returned for further documentation. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to verify they are completing the most current application. The most current application will appear on the NASW-Missouri website at


Applications must be submitted at least 30 business days prior to the program date to assure timely approval by NASW-Missouri.  Providers with printing deadlines should submit applications 30 business days in advance of their printing deadline.  Those applications received at least 30 business days in advance of the program date will receive notification of their review results prior to the event unless the provider has failed to submit any of the required documentation or further supporting information has been requested by NASW-Missouri.  Submissions received less than 30 business days prior to the program date will incur a rush-processing fee of $50.00.  NASW-Missouri will make every effort to complete the review process of late submissions by the program date. We will not approve applications retroactively.  All fees will be forfeited if the applicant withdraws from the approval process once it has begun.  NASW-Missouri Chapter’s name may not be used on any organization or agency’s material for continuing education until the program is approved or has been acknowledged for receipt of by the chapter office.  Violation of this requirement will result in legal action.      


If the program is approved, your event material may use any of the following phrases:

“Clock Hours approved by NASW-Missouri Chapter”

“This program has been approved for #____ Clock Hours by NASW-Missouri Chapter, and may be used to meet continuing education requirements for Social Work Licensure/Certification renewal.”


If your program has been received and acknowledged by NASW-Missouri Chapter and is pending approval, your event material may use the following phrase:

“Application has been submitted to the NASW-Missouri Chapter and is pending for pre-approval of Social Work clock hours.”


Any questions from the reviewer(s) may be addressed to the contact person of the sponsoring organization or the social worker who is listed as part of the planning for professional development activity.


Original & Re-Submissions of Continuing Education Program Titles

The continuing education program certificate and approval number are valid only for the date(s)/location(s) listed on the application at the time of submission. There is no limit as to the number of dates/locations that can be listed on the original submission; however, all dates must fall within a six-month time frame. For example, if the first program date on the original submission is January 1, 2005, the dates/locations that can be listed on the original submission application must fall between January 1, 2005 and July 1, 2005. Each date listed on the original submission must have corresponding location information, including hotel or convention center, city and state. If the sponsoring organization needs to re-submit an identical continuing education program for a date/location not listed on the original submission or a date/location that falls outside of six months after the original program date, then the sponsoring organization may designate the application as a re-submission and pay the appropriate fees for this category. This re-submission does not guarantee approval. Further, the re-submission category only applies to applications that have not undergone any alterations from the original application submitted to NASW-Missouri Chapter, with the exception of date and location. Changes to the application will disqualify the continuing education program from being considered as a re-submission and will be re-categorized as an original submission. 



One-Day Events:

$150.00 per workshop title for Non-Profit organizations-original submission
$125.00 per workshop title for Non-Profit organizations-re-submission

$225.00 per workshop title for Profit organizations-original submission
$200.00 per workshop title for Profit organizations-re-submission

Conferences or Events Extending Two or More Days:

$200.00 per conference/event for Non-Profit organizations-original submission
$175.00 per conference/event for Non-Profit organizations-re-submission

$300.00 per conference/event for Profit organizations-original submission
$275.00 per conference/event for Profit organizations-re-submission


Rush Processing:  

$50.00 for applications submitted less than 30 business days prior to the event


Other services:

         $ 3.00--replacement photocopies of your official approval certificate from NASW-Missouri

$10.00--Official replacement certificate with embossment

$10.00--per certificate for each participant’s certificate processed and mailed by NASW-Missouri


All fees are non-refundable. Provider must complete payment information at the end of the application. Non-profit organizations must submit letter verifying non-profit status.