Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations
Continuing Education Workshops  

Revised April 2012

NASW-Missouri Chapter is soliciting proposals for presentations on relevant and/or emerging issues.Proposals for full day (6.0 clock hours) sessions are encouraged.Submission of a Call for Proposal does not mean it will automatically be accepted.The proposal will be reviewed and the presenter will receive notification of whether or not it has been accepted for the next Continuing Education Series.

The Continuing Educations Series, a catalog of continuing education workshops, is published twice each year.To allow for production, mailing, and processing registrations, the following schedule applies:

Volume I – January thru June workshopsProposals due by September 28

Volume II – July thru December workshopsProposals due by April 19

Compensation/Reimbursement of Expenses

NASW-Missouri Chapter does provide compensation to workshop presenters.Rates are negotiable and can be paid directly to the presenter or to their agency.Rates may be hourly or a flat fee.Hourly rates are paid based on the number of continuing education clock hours earned by the attendees. The presenter is responsible for any costs relating to the course preparation, materials or handouts, and travel expenses.

NASW-Missouri Chapter Professional Development Diversity Instruction Policy

All NASW affiliated presentations, professional development offerings, and publications must include content that demonstrates respect, appreciation, and knowledge of current diversity issues related to the topic.Regardless of the subject matter or presentation format, content must include the significance of diversity factors in relation to appropriate and effective diagnosis, intervention, and treatment including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic class, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and immigration status.NASW-Missouri is committed to seeking presenters from diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds.

ADA Compliance

NASW Missouri makes every effort to meet the diverse needs of social workers with disabilities in Missouri.In doing so, we ask our presenters to prepare in the event an alternative form of education is needed.In the event that a person registers for this presentation and requests accommodations for an alternative form of instruction, the presenter must agree to comply with reasonable requests from NASW Missouri to provide appropriate materials for translation or adaptation (i.e. provide handouts or notes for an interpreter, allow for audio or videotaping of the presentation).Such production at the expense of NASW Missouri then becomes property of NASW-Missouri and will not be distributed for any other purpose without consent.

Proposals are also sought for breakout sessions at the Symposium and Annual Conference.These are generally shorter sessions, usually ninety minutes in length or possibly two ninety-minute sessions.Contact the chapter office or visit our website to obtain the proper form to submit your presentation and verify the proposal deadline.