NEW CE Requirements

On June 1, 2018, one of the last acts before resigning from office by Gov. Greitens was signing a variety of bills and House Bill (HB) 1719 was among them.  HB 1719 requires two (2) new additions to Missouri licensure for social workers regarding continuing education for health and mental health providers upon first being issued a license and for those that are renewing a licensing.  The bill indicates that 2 hrs. of continuing education shall be required in the areas of suicide assessment, referral, treatment, and management.  Section 324.046 is a blanket section for other disciplines that are not on a 2 yr. renewal cycle and does not apply to social work licensure, please adhere to sections 337.612 and 337.618. The State Committee for Social Work has determined that in order to implement the requirement for application and renewal; it will not take effect until 2019.  Thus, giving them time to notify licensees in the 2019 renewal cycle and to develop the form for new applications beginning in 2019.  

Licensure Application:

337.612. 1. Applications for licensure as a clinical social worker, baccalaureate social worker, advanced macro social worker or master social worker shall be in writing, submitted to the committee on forms prescribed by the committee and furnished to the applicant. The form shall include a statement that the applicant has completed two hours of suicide assessment, referral, treatment, and management training

Licensure Renewal:

337.618. Each license issued pursuant to the provisions of sections 337.600 to 337.689 shall expire on a renewal date established by the director. The term of licensure shall be twenty-four months. The committee shall require a minimum number of thirty clock hours of continuing education for renewal of a license issued pursuant to sections 337.600 to 337.689, including two hours of suicide assessment, referral, treatment, and management training.

Please watch NASW Missouri Chapter’s website and email notifications for workshop opportunities at the Symposium, Conference, and in the CE Series Spring and Fall.  I am sure there will be live workshops and webinars as well as pre-recorded programs to register for as we want to make sure to assist with the new continuing education requirements for social workers.

If you would like to schedule an on-site ce program for social workers, please don’t hesitate to contact the chapter office at or call 573.635.6965 and speak with Jennifer Engelby, Professional Development Coordinator.