Practicum Opportunities

Interested students should fill out the following four segments of the application process.

Practicum Job Description

A description of a practicum student's activities and work assignments with the NASW-Missouri. The activities will also be connected with the school's learn agreement for the practicum placement.

Practicum Application

Application form for doing a practicum with NASW-Missouri.

Practicum Interview Questionnaire

A list of questions that must be completed before the practicum starts with NASW-Missouri Chapter. These questions are designed to assist the staff, board and members of the association in developing the best experience possible for practicum students.

Practicum Student Policy

All students must adhere to a Practicum Student Policy when performing a practicum with NASW-Missouri Chapter.

Criminal Background Check

All students interested in doing a practicum with NASW-Missouri must be subject to a criminal background check through the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Child Abuse and Neglect Check

All students interested in doing a practicum with NASW-Missouri must fill out the child abuse or neglect/criminal record request through the Department of Social Services, Children's Division.

Confidentiality Agreement

Due to the nature of the practicum, all interested students must sign a confidentiality agreement.